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About us

20 miles from the heart of NYC

Originally from the home of Land Rover, Great Britain, along with other parts of the world, our global team are passionate about classic vehicles.  Mainly Land Rovers, but we get it that others exist and we try hard to work on some of them every so often!  Our projects include everything from routine fixes to Defenders, to chassis swaps (we know about the rust issues).  We also design and build custom vehicles, including 90's 110's, Beach runners, Soft tops, Overland 130's, we've done the full range.  Diesel to gas (petrol you mean) swaps, Right to Left Hand Drive conversion, LS or other V8 installations, bodywork, graphics, paint, interiors, electrical, sourcing hard to find parts and also finding unique vehicles for import and restoration.  Our team has over 75 years of automotive, OEM Engineering, Technician, software, sourcing, import and project management experience.

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